Firetruck at Newtown Fire Station


I love Newtown; it’s people, businesses, parks, and it’s culture. Even the fire department is unique amongst its peers. They have a special attachment to their community and are always educating and bringing a smile to anyone walking past the station, looking at the ever changing notice board out the front. 

Imagine my excitement when I was afforded the opportunity to take some light painting photography for the guys in B platoon one Autumn Friday night, most exciting of course was the chance to photograph patches the station Mascot. Luckily, the shoot took only took a little over an hour, as being an active fire station they could have been called away at any time.

This was not a commissioned shoot, and all photos have been donated to Newtown Fire Station. I would like to thank Newtown Fire Station and FRNSW for allowing me this opportunity, and providing such fantastic subject matter.

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Newtown Fire Station

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Honda Accord Euro

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