Forgotten Treasures


There is something special about machines from yesteryear left in the middle of nowhere. It makes one wonder how it got there, who owned it, what is the story behind it and why it met its end where it did.

This year we decided to have a quiet trip away for Easter, Wombeyan Caves was our choice of location and, to my grateful surprise, the rustic 200 acre AirBNB we stayed at happened to have a classic chevy and a great tractor decaying in place. Although sad to see the Chevy forgotten and left to die it did make for a great subject for a light painted photo. 

We didn’t get to go to the caves this trip which is a shame, but we will try and get back there again soon. We did see Jenolan Caves a couple of years ago, and cave photography provides some really interesting photos.

Automotive photography of Newtown Firetruck and Platoon

Firetruck at Newtown Fire Station

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Berowra RFS Brigade & Tanker - Emergency Service Vehicle Photography

Berowra Rural Fire Service

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