Autine Custom Axe Design – The Bushman

In 2014 I entered a competition that was being held by one of the greatest blacksmiths currently alive. Autine Tools is know for making a range of specialty axes, knives and tools that are functional, long lasting and look like a piece of art.

So when a competition comes up on their facebook page to design an axe and have it personally made by hand by John Neeman, of Autine, I jumped at the chance and did everything I could including personally messaging everyone I knew on and offline to vote for my design.

After many sleepless nights I was notified I had made the cut, and was to be the proud owner of this incredible and generous gift from John and Autine. They recorded a video of the whole painstaking process from head, to handle, to sheath everything is done by hand, and with the dedication and attention to detail of true craftsmen.

The whole team did an amazing job and although it is a piece of art, it has been used countless times for what it was made for, and it does that very, very well. They must have liked the design too, as did others as The Bushman is now available for sale on Autine’s Online Store